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Are you looking for experienced cloud engineers?
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TeamNow is a the Cloud Talent Company, a staffing agency focused exclusively on experienced and certified cloud engineering talent for teams doing projects on AWS, Google, Azure and Openstack.

We have hands-on experience of building high performance teams with AWS, Amazon Partners, cloud solution providers and Clients working in a wide range of industries across the United States. We've delivered critical projects and understand the skills you need to get it done.

Our database of experienced and certified cloud talent has been screened and qualified the highest quality of expertise available right now. Our Agents work with you to perfect role requirements and hiring criteria to find your perfect match.

For Experts, Talent Agents actively market you to clients for projects, help you select the right roles to elevate your career, guide you where to build experience, maximize your income and find your perfect job.

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TeamNow is a staffing agency representing the best Solutions Architects, Engineers and Developers across the United States. Start-ups, SMB's and Enterprises all rely on Certified and experienced talent for their most important projects.
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Experienced and Certified Cloud Talent

The team with the best players wins.

- Jack Welch -
Experienced Talent, Faster.


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Self-Service Access to Talent

Our online platform provides you access to connect with Experts, and decide who is a great fit for your team. Search by skills & roles, read our Assessment notes, review background checks and see client Ratings. If you're interested, schedule an interview, provide feedback and set-up onboarding.

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You want to migrate your datacenter to the cloud. You need to architect for future scale and maintainability. You need to monitor, operate and support production workloads.

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Too busy out there kicking-ass to look for your next role? We keep you updated with matches for new work based upon your availability, skills and role preferences. Make great money, be a part of great teams and deliver exciting projects.

Prove your skills and enhance your market value with AWS and Google cloud Certifications offer.
TeamNow offers all successfully-placed candidates a voucher for AWS or Google certification training and testing!

TeamNow Leadership

TeamNow is evolving the way we get work done. By creating a marketplace to connect the cloud staffing industry, we are innovating sourcing business models, disrupting recruiting agencies, democratizing work schedules and growing the market for Cloud resources by developing talent at scale.
Josh Binnie Founder & CEO

Working on key strategic issues day-to-day at TeamNow.

Josh Binnie
Founder & CEO
Simon Plant Founder & CEO

I lead product management and platform engineering.

Simon Plant
Chief Technology Officer

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